How to fix your cloudy pool water


How to fix your cloudy pool water

Cloudy pool water indicates that bacteria or algae are growing due to a lack of chlorine. If your pool’s water is cloudy, there could be a number of causes behind this ineffectiveness. We recommend going through the following checklist to determine and correct the source of your cloudy pool water:

  1. Check Your Circulation System and Filter
  2. Check Chlorine Levels
  3. Check the Pool’s pH and Total Alkalinity 
  4. Check for Algae Growth
How Should I keep my Swimming pool’s water clear?

After measuring pH & chlorine levels in your swimming pool, shocking the pool is the quickest way to restore the water level to an ideal range because it clears the cloudiness as the pH levels return to normal.

Even if the water isn’t cloudy, you’ll want to shock the pool from time to time. The method is critical for preventing the growth of bacteria and algae.

What to do if your water remains Cloudy after applying all the above techniques?

You should check the chemicals in your swimming pool on a daily basis. More than once a day is best for pools with heavy usage. The further the water pH deviates from the ideal range, the more difficult it is to rebalance. Early detection of a problem is your best defense. Chlorine levels are affected by many factors. 

Stagnant water from an improperly working filter will turn cloudy, as with using poorly stored chemicals or past their shelf-life and have gone ineffective. Being aware of your pool surroundings is also essential because direct sunlight will deplete free chlorine quicker than in a shaded pool.

Some other factors like rainwater, somebody oils or lotions, and constant adding of new water will dilute the swimming pool sooner, and this imbalance can also cause your water to stay cloudy.

Is Cloudy Pool Safe?

There are several reasons why swimming in a cloudy pool is unsafe. Before we get into why it’s not safe, let’s go over the causes of cloudy pool water, so you know how to treat it. The most common causes of the cloudy pool water are a chemical imbalance or a faulty filter.

  • Imbalance of Chemicals – Bacteria can grow in your swimming pool if the chemicals are not adequately balanced because if the pH levels are not adequately balanced, algae can grow. Chlorine is required to keep cloudy waters at bay. Cloudiness of water is possible if your pool does not have the proper amount of chlorine.
  • Issues with Filter – Another potential source of cloudy water is your filter. First, make sure your filter is free of debris. When your filter is clogged, it cannot function properly. Also, are you running the filter frequently enough? If you do not run it long enough, it may not be able to do its job effectively even if it is working properly, which results in cloudy water.
Safety First

When owning a pool, the mentality should be safety first. If you have a cloudy pool, you need to close it until you have clear water. Contact us at 843 742 6437


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