How To Throw A Pool Party For Your Guests


How To Throw A Pool Party For Your Guests

Pool parties are an excellent way for kids and adults to enjoy the summer. Before grabbing your suit and diving in, make sure you have the best aquatic accessories for an unforgettable party. Make a statement at your next poolside gathering with this list of the top ten pool party ideas.

  1. Fun Floats

If you are thinking of turning your backyard into a social media-worthy oasis, you need pool floats and inflatable rafts. You can mix and match styles to suit your preference, from flamingo to donut/ pizza/ and cactus style floats. They are not only photogenic, but they’re also highly comfortable for lounging and chatting with friends.

  1. Speakers For Music

What’s a pool party without music? (It is still a pool party, but it’s quieter and less enjoyable.) Set up a few speakers in various areas around the pool to make surround sound for the party. The music will be heard whether you are grabbing food, playing yard games, or going for a swim.

  1. Pool Decorations

Decorations can add a lot of fun to your pool parties. Paper products, Colored straws, garlands, and lanterns can all help your party stay on theme.

  1. Pool Party & Lawn Games

Games & activities are a great way to spice up any pool party.

  1. Towels

Many guests bring their essentials to parties but have plenty on hand just in case. A large beach towel or even an outdoor blanket spread out can be very inviting.

  1. Coolers

If you’re having a pool party and it is hot outside, you’ll probably want something ice cold in your hand. A cooler is required to keep your drinks icy cold.

  1. Snacks And Drinks

Serve up smaller snacks and drinks that everyone can eat and drink.

  1. Umbrellas & Canopies

Though you may have fun in the sun, make sure there is a shady area for those who prefer to relax.

  1. A Sunscreen Station

Although some guests bring their necessities, you should not expect everyone to bring sunscreen. This is why having a sunscreen station on hand is a good idea!

  1. Have Cozy Lounge Chairs

Even though it’s called a pool party, many people prefer to avoid swimming pools entirely! So make sure you have plenty of chairs for your guests to chill on.


Take Pest-Resistant Measures. Wonderful outdoor parties can quickly turn into nightmares if bugs try to join in on the fun. It is critical to take preventative measures so that your guests can concentrate on having a good time rather than swatting pests all day. Aside from adding a tropical flair to your pool party, decorating with tiki torches also benefits repelling bugs. If you don’t intend to use them, there are plenty of other ways to keep unwanted pests at bay.

The food serving table is the most important part of your party. Try burning candles with a strong scent to keep your food fresh. Keep Lavender Plants around the Pool. Mosquitos, in particular, dislike citrus, so keeping Lemon & Orange Mists on hand would be ideal.

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