With the temperatures rising, it’s finally time to welcome the long-awaited pool season!

But, before you jump in, we must first complete the tasks required for a successful pool opening. A few proactive steps could save you time, money, and later on troubles. Starting this process early will ensure that your Pool remains clean, healthy, and ready for swimming or relaxing throughout the summer.

Let’s take a closer look about how to open your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Opening Checklist

Follow this simple step-by-step pool opening checklist to ensure you cover all the bases and make the most of this summer season.

  1. Remove, Clean & Store Your Pool Cover
  2. Fill Your Pool
  3. . Clean the Debris
  4. Inspect & Clean Your Pool Filter
  5. Reinstall the Plugs
  6. Prime Your Pool Pump and Filter
  7. Test and Balance the Pool Water
  8. Shock the Pool Water
  9. Get Your Pool Cleaning Equipment Ready
  10. Have Your Pool Chemicals Ready
  11. Get Your Clear Comfort Pool System Ready
  12. Set Your Air Flow
Keeping Your Pool Chemistry in Check Throughout the Pool Season

Remember to test your pool water weekly and bring it to your local Pool professional once a month or whenever you notice any problems. The best pool maintenance practices will keep the water clear and prevent poor water conditions. Remember to sanitize daily, shock on a regular/weekly basis to remove contaminants, and add a small preventative dose of algaecide once a week for prevention of algae outbreaks.

Check your filter and return lines for any damage, cracks, or leaks. If you have a sand filter, replenish it as needed. If you have a cartridge filter, inspect it and clean or replace it as needed.

Choosing the right Pool Covers

Some pool owners prefer meshed safety pool covers. One major issue with mesh pool covers is that they allow debris to accumulate inside the Pool. The pool water may appear dark green or black due to pool algae that form due to too much sunlight allowed in the Pool, allowing to eat free chlorine present in the water.

To avoid the problems caused by mesh safety pool covers, use solid pool covers that do not allow debris or the formation of swimming pool algae. Strong polyethylene pool covers are the best option because the top side is treated to prevent UV ray damage.

What to Do If the Pool Water Is Dark Green or Black When the Pool Opens for Summer

As I previously stated, when you remove your pool cover, the water in your Pool may appear dark green or black in color. If this is the case, you have pool algae and should plan on doing extra work.

Triple-Shock Your Pool

In this case, you should triple-shock your Pool with chlorine ultra-shock containing calcium hypochlorite as the main active ingredient, as this is the most effective ingredient for fighting pool algae.

If you don’t want to get into this hassle and are looking for Pool Services, Contact our Experts at Brothers Pool Services and let’s get started today.

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