Should you maintain your pool in winter?


Should you maintain your pool in winter?

Unfortunately, pool ownership responsibilities do not end with the end of the swimming season! To ensure a successful and clean opening, it is also critical to continue looking after your pool during the off-season.

Important Do’s
  1. Have regular checks and cleaning

Regularly inspect your pool for leaks and cracks. The cracks should be repaired as soon as possible.

Cleaning the pool does not only imply removing all of the extra elements from your pool. Cleaning and pool maintenance entails skimming the water, vacuuming the pool floors, and brushing the pool’s interiors. Allowing debris, cracks, and other objects to accumulate in the pool can also lead to severe problems when you re-open your pool in the coming year.

  1. Use winterizing chemicals

After you’ve finished pH balancing and shock treating your pool, you can start adding winterizing chemicals to the water. The chemical kit can assist your pool in combating algae growth, allowing the pool to remain clean when re-opened.

  1. Install quality winter covers

Many people use old patchwork and duct tape to cover tears in their covers, but we always recommend that you have a quality winter cover for your pool that keeps animals and debris out when it is closed.

Important Don’ts
  1. Fully drain the pool

Never fully drain your pool. The level of draining of the pool depends on your pool’s material of build. Maintain that level.

Cleaning your pool can be trick which is why most pool owners call professionals to drain their pool.

  1. Turn the filter off for weeks

Do not turn the pool filter off for weeks before winterizing your pool. Even though you are not using your pool, the pool water should still be balanced and treated. Before closing, expert personnel should check your pool’s pH level and treatment to ensure that you have a proper winter closing. The task becomes more complicated when the filter is not running for a couple of weeks.

  1. Not asking for a Professional’s Help

Winter swimming pool maintenance takes a lot of time and effort. Pool professionals can ensure that your swimming pool maintenance is carried out efficiently. They are the swimming pool maintenance guides, so never be scared to reach out to them.

Let the Professionals Take over Your Winter Swimming Pool Maintenance

If you are looking for reliable professionals to take over your swimming pool maintenance and repairs, Brothers Pool services is here for you. We offer all kinds of swimming pool installations and are happy to provide all their services. Call 843 742 6437 to get in touch with us. Also, do not forget to ask for a free consultation.

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