Things to know before buying a house with a pool


Things to know before buying a house with a pool

A Swimming Pool can be a real family pleaser, but things may not be as they appear when buying a house with a pool.

Swimming pools, like most things, have a use-by date, and there comes a time when they either need some serious work or reach the end of their life span and must be removed or remodeled.

Usually, the cost of repairs and refurbishment will outweigh the cost of removal, so if you have any doubts, it’s worth asking questions and even seeking expert advice when purchasing a home with a pool.”

Here are some of the top tips on what to look out for if buying a house with a pool:

Are there any leaks?

If the water level drops down the filter box, it generally means there is a leak in the pool shell itself.

Take a look around the filter and pump to see if there are some water or damp areas (minor things from cracked rubber seal to a damaged pump).


Fading and worn surfaces, as well as a wall bulge, should raise a red flag. It is nearly impossible to remove black spots from a fiberglass pool. A complete refurbishment can only fix this.


A noisy pump, leaky seals, a dirty chlorinator cell, water pooling around equipment, and pool lights are all things to look for in a prospective pool.

Are There any Safety Features Around The Pool?

Safety is the most important consideration for your pool, especially if children will be swimming. When purchasing a home from adults who do not have children, the pool may lack the necessary pool safety accessories. A pool, on the other hand, can be child-proofed. It is possible to make pools safe for small children by using safety products such as fencing and pool covers, which prevent children from entering the pool without the supervision of an adult. Any pool deeper than 2.9 ft must be enclosed. Alarms for the pool and doors can also be helpful.

How Will You Maintain & Service the Pool?

You’ve purchased the house. So, who will clean and maintain the pool? Pools are a lot of fun, but they also require a lot of work and maintenance Costs. These ongoing costs include increased utility bills, chemicals, and various do-it-yourself maintenance increases your homeowner’s liability insurance coverage.

Cleaning your pool yourself will save you money over hiring a cleaning service, but it will take time and is difficult for first-time pool owners. You’ll also need to find a pool company that performs water testing to get the right chemicals. Many people prefer saltwater pools to traditional chlorine pools because they are easier to maintain. Cleaning equipment such as pool sweeps and skimmers should also be considered. Pool maintenance is not the most enjoyable aspect of pool ownership, but it is critical to your pool’s enjoyment and longevity.

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