What Causes Green Pool Water?

The presence of algae in your pool is frequently the cause of green pool water. Algae blooms can appear when your pool’s free Chlorine level is low. Without using a preventative algaecide, exposure to high heat, heavy rain, or poor circulation increases your risk of developing pool algae. Stubborn pool algae can be difficult to control if proper treatment and prevention measures are not taken.

Daily Pool Management

The best way to enjoy a crystal clear pool is to keep it in good condition on a daily basis. Spending only 10 minutes per day can be sufficient.

  1. Inspect the water every morning for algae growth or cloudiness signs. If there is evidence of algae growth, begin by sweeping it away. Also, don’t forget to net out leaves and insects daily.
  2. I check the chlorine levels and make any adjustments to the water when required.
  3. Check the skimmer nets every morning. Remove any accumulated vegetation or insects that have died during the night.
  4. If the water appears cloudy, try backwashing your sand filter for a few minutes and check the pool the next day.
  5. Also, check your pool’s pH to make sure any chemicals you are using are functioning as they should.
  6. A pool’s ideal pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6. If your pH readings are outside of this range, you will need to adjust the pH of your water so that treatments will work properly once added.
Steps for treating and preventing Green Pool Water:
  1. Test & Balance Pool’s Water

Always begin by testing the water in your pool. Your test results will show you if your water parameters are unbalanced. Pay close attention to your Free Chlorine level. Low Free Chlorine levels can cause your pool water to turn green. Always keep Free Chlorine levels between 1 to 4 ppm. Use the appropriate chlorine and sanitizers to restore adequate sanitizer levels if necessary.

  1. Clean Pool Surfaces and Water

Skim the water’s surface to remove visible debris, brush the walls, vacuum, and empty the skimmer baskets. Pay special attention to areas with visible dirt and little or no circulation. Regular pool cleaning is an efficient way to keep algae at bay.

  1. Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment is the first step toward crystal clear water. Shocking your pool water removes contaminants that may cause algae growth and improves water filtration.

  1. Applying an Algaecide

Algaecides are used for treating and preventing pool algae, but not all algaecides are the same. When treating green pool water, use an algaecide that kills green pool algae. But keep in mind that some dead algae may remain in your pool after treatment. Brush the surfaces of your pool on a regular basis.

5 Clean Filter

Backwash or chemically clean your filter as directed by your owner’s manual to remove organic and mineral buildup. Then, allow your pump and the filter to run continuously for 24 hours to allow your pool’s entire gallonage to pass through your clean filter.

For best results, Keep testing and balancing your pool water weekly. If your green pool water persists to help further troubleshoot. Contact Brothers Pool Services for expert water analysis, product and dosage recommendations.

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